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Hyena 7 Features

Hyena 7.0 includes Improved Active Directory Query Management

The Active Directory query options have been both streamlined and simplified in Hyena v7.0.

Queries can now be created or customized more easily, and a new View All Directory Attributes option lets you see all existing AD elements for any object. The 'View All' option is convenient for determining the attribute names used by Active Directory.

Custom Active Directory LDAP Filtering Active Directory has always included a powerful mechanism that supports server-side filtering, but until now this capability was difficult to fully utilize.

Hyena now provides an easy method of assigning the LDAP filter from Microsoft's query builder to Hyena's Active Directory engine, a combination that provides for a lot of new flexibility and performance improvements.

New All Disabled Users and All Contacts default queries have been added which use this new capability and any number of other custom filters can be easily created.

Custom LDAP filters can also be executed at sub-container levels, providing the capability to search multiple directory levels, or even the entire directory at one time.

Hyena 7.0 is 0Microsoft Vista Compatible A number of minor changes have been made to address compatibility and integration issues with Microsoft Vista and will continue to monitor Vista feedback by our customers.

Other Changes in Hyena 7.0

  1. Added a Registry Security dialog.
  2. Improved the Active Directory filtering options (through the AD toolbar) to improvement performance and integration with the new query options.
  3. Added a new column (cn) for the name of the group when displaying group members.
  4. When a column in Hyena's results window (right window) has been sorted, the sorted column will be highlighted if a Windows XP manifest file (enabled by default) is being used.
  5. Improved the performance of reading from a shared settings file stored to a network or WAN location.
  6. Added capability to enter multiple target computers in the Copy Printers To... option.  Also saved previous settings on this dialog.
  7. Enabled copying (Control-C) of the SID and GUID information on the Object tab of any AD properties page.
  8. Enabled context and property sheet extensions for Active Directory contact objects.
  9. Added status bar message when retrieving directory information for multiple objects when using the Manage Directory Attributes function.
  10. Enabled the Security and List Security options for Active Directory public folder objects.
  11. Added additional space to the Computer Properties->Software->Properties dialog, and also enabled multi-select on the main computer software listing, so that multiple items can be copied to the clipboard.

Hyena 7 Features

Hyena 6.5 Features

Hyena v6.5 introduces Active Directory Attribute Management

One of the drawbacks to the conventional method used by Hyena and nearly all Microsoft applications when managing Active Directory objects, is the presentation of a dialog box to request user input. Some of the disadvantages to the standard GUI dialog for managing Active Directory include:

Active Directory offers many more additional properties (attributes) than can be displayed on most GUI interfaces.

  • imited options exist for managing the attributes for multiple directory objects at the same time, resulting in lost time performing one-by-one updates.
  • Extended schema attributes will not usually be available in Microsoft or 3rd party utilities.
  • Tools for direct access to AD attributes such as ADSI Edit are difficult and clumsy to use.
  • Scripting solutions offer only a non-interactive method of updating directory objects.

Hyena's new Active Directory Attribute Management functions are designed to overcome these limitations and provide new capabilities for direct access and manipulation of AD objects.

By utilizing advanced techniques and optimized directory access functions, this new capability will greatly enhance AD management, especially where multiple attributes need to be modified on a large collection of directory objects.

Hyena 6.5 Features

Hyena 6.6 Features

Hyena v6.6 Improved support for MMC property page and context menu extensions

Improved support for MMC property page and context menu extensions - In addition to displaying the same property pages as MMC for all directory objects,

Hyena can now display most property page and context menu extensions. For example, the new Microsoft Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) snapin adds RSOP context menu items to some AD objects, which are now seamlessly integrated into Hyena.

Support for replaceable parameters when modifying directory attributes - The Manage Directory Attributes feature, introduced in Hyena v6.5, is an ADSIedit-like function which permits very easy and flexible modification of any directory attribute for one or more directory objects. Now, any portion of an existing attribute can be placed into another attribute. Want to add the cn or samaccountname attribute into an email attribute...?

Hyena 6.6 Features

Hyena 6.2 Features

Hyena v6.2 introduces an innovative new features, below you can find an overview of the new features in Hyena 6.2

Hyena SystemViews
Hyena's SystemViews is an innovative feature that allows for fast and easy recalling of previous views of the right list window.
This feature will be especially important to those users who need a method of easily going back to a previous display or that have a large number of objects (for example, domain user accounts) that take an extremely long time to retrieve and are needed for administration throughout the day. These views can now be retained and restored with the click of the mouse or through a keyboard shortcut.

Improved Shared Settings Support
Previous versions of Hyena supported sharing Hyena's configuration settings with other users. However, this feature required that nearly all of the settings be shared, even if it was desired to only share particular pieces of a configuration. Hyena v6.2 now supports sharing any portion of a configuration.

More Filtering Options
The filtering option in Hyena's right window has been improved. New options for filtering for blank values, exact matches, and 'not' equals searches have been added.

Managing Non-Windows Devices
Hyena's Object Manager (File->Manage Object View) can now be used to add non-Windows devices (routers, hubs, Linux computers, etc.) to Hyena's views. Hyena does not offer any functionality for these devices, but will populate and show the tools menu when these objects are right-clicked on.
The two different object types are the Router/Switch and the Network host/Device. The only difference between the two different types are the icon used to show the object in Hyena's windows.

Hyena Exporter Pro Improvements
Exporter Pro can now be used to export account and audit policy (under Other Exports) for both domains and individual workstations. The storage of active templates (Active Directory, Registry, and WMI exports) has also been moved to the export configuration (.INI) file, allowing for easier management of multiple export configurations.

Hyena 6.0 Features

WMI Support
Hyena can display any WMI property from any WMI class and also provides access to common WMI methods. Hyena also supports modification of most writable WMI instance information on one or multiple instances from one or more computers.

To help in understanding WMI and how it is integrated into Hyena, see the WMI section in Hyena's help file.

* Note: Full WMI functionality is only available in the Enterprise Edition.However, all Editions have access to the WMI Win32_Process class which allows Hyena to remotely start and terminate remote processes.WMI exporting functionality is also available in both Standard and Enterprise Editions.

Tool Grouping
Hyena now allows tools to be grouped into submenus.Hyena will automatically transfer all existing custom tool settings to a file named TOOL_CMDS.DAT, which can be found in the same location as other Hyena configuration files.This new tool command file provides a structure that permits the tools to be grouped and displayed on submenus.

Access to Microsoft Hotfix Information
The Computer Properties->Hotfix dialog has been modified to support viewing the online Microsoft Hotfix Support database.Either double-clicking on any 'Q' or 'KB' hotfix, or clicking the View Hotfix Information button will access the Microsoft Support web site.

Exporting Selected Active Directory Objects
Hyena now supports exporting information on selected Active Directory objects.Previously, only domains, computers, and OUs could be selected for exporting.For example:

  • Display a list of Active Directory objects from an OU, such as users, in Hyena.

  • Select as many objects as needed.

  • Select Tools->Exporter Pro->Export Selected Objects.

  • Select the Directory templates to export and select Start Export.
  • Hyena 5.5 and Hyena 5.7 New Features

    Improved Exporter Pro Features in Hyena 5.5
    Originally introduced in Hyena v5.5, Exporter Pro has been enhanced with more options for easier administration and customization. Exporter Pro v1.2, included with Hyena, also now supports exporting 'true' last logon information for both Windows NT and Active Directory domains. Hyena also now has tighter integration with Exporter Pro, providing simple and easy selection of objects in Hyena to be immediately sent to Exporter Pro. Exporter Pro adds registry, scheduled tasks, network, and Active Directory exporting capabilities to the already extensive collection of export options in previous versions. The registry exporting module provides for customizable templates to export nearly any set of registry values.  Predefined templates for exporting system configuration, service pack, and hot fixes are provided. User-definable Active Directory query templates enable unlimited exporting options for Active Directory-enabled domains. Exporter Pro licensing is included with all Hyena v5.5 and later licenses.

    Improved Active Directory Shell Integration

    • Hyena v5.7 can now display the standard Active Directory shell context menu functions for most objects in addition to the full shell property pages.

    Wake-On-Lan (WOL)
    • New integration with industry-standard WOL-enabled computers has been added in Hyena v5.7. What is WOL ? Quite simply, it is a technology that allows a computer that is turned off to be remotely turned on.

    Improved Active Directory 'Find' Integration
    • Previous versions of Hyena could display the standard Active Directory 'Find' dialog, but were limited to what could be done with the results. Now, Hyena v5.7 supports selecting and returning the resulting objects back into Hyena.

    Service Installation
    • Hyena can now install services on one or more computers using a simple wizard-based service installation process.

    Improved Timeout Control (v5.5 and later)
    • One of the annoying features of remote administration of Windows is the delay in waiting for the RPC timeout to return control back when an attempt is made to access a remote computer that is offline. Applications, such as Hyena, are unable to set an RPC timeout, and are also blocked by the operating system from aborting the connection attempt on their own.

    Hyena v5.5 now has an option to offer some relief from this problem, by allowing for a brief ping to be sent to the remote computer prior to initiating any remote action. The ping options can be fully configured.

    Standard Active Directory Shell Property Pages
    Hyena can display the standard shell property pages for all Active Directory objects. A new Domain Properties dialog is developed, which is the same standard property page for domain objects used by MMC.
    This high degree of Active Directory integration gives Hyena several advantages:
  • Familiar interface for management of object properties as found in MMC snapins.

  • 100% compatibility and functionality.

  • Improved support and functionality when user has restricted/delegated rights.

  • Access to Security dialog for complete management of Active Directory object security.

  • Increased support for more objects, including Active Directory shares and printers.

  • Active Directory Security Listing
    One of the most powerful features in Active Directory is the security model, which provides for very flexible and powerful capabilities for assigning granular rights to directory objects. The capability to delegate selected non-admin users to reset account passwords, for example, is a common action for many installations.

    But, as every Active Directory administrator knows, once assigned, its very difficult to keep track who has been assigned which rights...and to which object ?

    Hyena's new Active Directory Security Listing view presents a detailed list of all security rights for any number of selected directory objects in Hyena's right window. Need to create a quick report of which accounts and groups have been given ResetPassword rights to all OUs ? This can now be done in a few minutes in Hyena.

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