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Hyena Event Management

Windows NT and Windows 2000 contain several facilities for tracking events and statistics for nearly everything that happens on your network. Unfortunately, the built-in administration tools don't provide an easy way to centrally collect, monitor, or analyze this information. The following products are designed to help manage events on multiple systems, including monitoring your system, and reporting/alerting on particular events.

Hyena supports both direct access to the native Windows NT and Windows 2000 event viewers, as well as its own customizable event viewer. Hyena's reporting capabilities, and its multi-computer event scanning and viewing features provide for an easy and fast way to manage both Windows NT and Windows 2000 event logs from the same application

Hyena Event Administration

In addition to integration with the Windows NT/2000 native Event Viewer and MMC, Hyena also incorporates its own more powerful event viewing mechanism. Any server or workstation event log can be accessed in Hyena through the computer's context-menu. Hyena also supports advanced event viewing capabilities, as shown on the image below, including:

  • Viewing any event log for more than one computer at the same time.

  • Filtering events by date/time range, event ID, event type, category,

  • description text, user/group, or source.

  • Full support for event log clearing and backup.

  • Full support for new Windows 2000 event logs.

  • Sorting support on any event column in the view window.

  • Customizable event display.

Hyena's event handling integrates with Hyena's reporting capabilities, and is part of Hyena's overall server administration features. A screen shot of Hyena event administration.

Hyena Event Administration

Hyena Event Administration

Both Windows NT and Windows 2000 have built-in job scheduling systems, designed to run scheduled tasks at predetermined times. Unfortunately, the native system administration tools do not provide an easy way for administrators to view or management remotely scheduled jobs. Hyena overcomes this limitation by providing easy access to any scheduled job on any Windows NT or Windows 2000 server or workstation.

  • Hyena's job scheduling functions support:

  • Viewing all scheduled jobs on one or more computers at the same time.

  • Automatic detection of remote computer job scheduling interface: AT or Windows Task Scheduler.

  • Adding, modifying, or deleting scheduled jobs. New jobs can be scheduled for immediate execution, or for any valid day-of-week or day-of-month combination.

  • Scheduling a job to run on multiple computers at the same time, with logging options and customizable job intervals.

Hyena includes support for both the Windows NT 'AT' job scheduling system, as well as the newer Task Scheduler that is integrated into IE 5.0 and Windows 2000. Hyena provides direct access to the Task Scheduler job properties for any remote computer, including creating new tasks.

Hyena also includes important job cloning (copying) capabilities for Task Scheduler tasks. One or more "reference tasks" can be copied from a selected source computer to any number of destination (target) computers, complete with logging and automatic job internal spacing.

Hyena Printer Management

As a Windows NT or Windows 2000 installation grows, so do the number of printers that are installed on print servers and individual workstations. Unfortunately, the native tools on Windows NT/2000 are not very good at managing remote printers. Hyena was designed to overcome many of these limitations, and give system administrators and help desk staff better control over printers and print jobs.

Hyena can display any printer, even non-shared printer, installed on any computer or server. Hyena's printer and job job management functions include:

  • Listing printer information.

  • Access to printer properties dialogs and desktop shell functions.

  • Adding new remote printers (Windows 2000 only).

  • Viewing all print jobs from one or more printers at the same time with automatic refresh.

  • Full print job control: pause, resume, restart and cancel.

  • Full printer control: pause, resume, purge all print jobs.

  • Deleting (removing) printers.

  • Copying printer information from one computer to another.

As you will see from printer management screen shot, Hyena's printer and print job management integrates with Hyena's reporting capabilities, and is part of Hyena's overall server administration features.

Hyena Technical Highlights

  • Easiest user interface

  • Downloaded, Installed and configured within 5 minutes

  • Used by more than 300.000 systemadministrators worldwide

Hyena provides a clean fast and easy interface to manage the following:

  • Users

  • Printers

  • Events

  • Disks

  • Registry

  • Services

  • Shares

  • Performance

  • Open Files

  • Disk Space

  • Current Logons

  • Exchange and CITRIX

  • - and much more, in one easy interface

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