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ScriptLogic licensing

ScriptLogic is licensed per Seat (CAL=Client Access License). You can have 10 users on a machine with only one License. You may also choose only to use ScriptLogic on a part of your domain, although you will probably be using ScriptLogic on all your computers very soon.

The first year updates and upgrades and Technical Support is included with the purchase.

ScriptLogic licensing FAQ

Q:I have downloaded and installed the ScriptLogic 30-day evaluation. Due to other projects, I was unable to complete my evaluation within the trial period. Can the trial period be extended?

A:Yes, we understand that 'networks happen.' Simply e-mail, call or complete the online extension request form -- we'll be glad to issue an electronic code that will extend your trial time period.

Q:I'd like to purchase ScriptLogic. Will I have to uninstall the evaluation version and/or reinstall ScriptLogic once I purchase the appropriate license?
A:No, all that is required is to enter in the registration code you received with your purchase to convert the evaluation edition to the full product.

Q:Do I need to purchase a license for every user?
A:No, ScriptLogic is licensed per seat. This means you need to purchase a license for each computer attached to your network that will benefit from ScriptLogic. For example: if you have 260 computers that are shared by 400 users, you would only need to purchase 260 ScriptLogic Client Access Licenses (CALs).

Q:Our network consists of a mixture of conventional desktops and thin clients which attach to our Terminal Server farm. Do I need to purchase a ScriptLogic CAL for each thin client?
A:Yes, you would purchase a ScriptLogic CAL for each desktop and each thin client.

Q:Do I need to purchase a ScriptLogic CAL for my Domain Controllers and/or Member Servers?
A:No, ScriptLogic CALs only need to be purchased for each client.

Q:What paperwork, documentation and/or media will I receive with my purchase?
A:The ScriptLogic application, as well as complete documentation (in Acrobat PDF format) can be downloaded from this web site. You have the option of purchasing either the CD-ROM alone, or a retail box, complete with CD-ROM and printed manuals.

Q:If I purchase a specific quantity of ScriptLogic CALs today, and need to add more in the future, what should I do?
A:Since ScriptLogic licensing is electronic, you simply purchase the additional licenses you need and you will automatically receive a new registration code for the total number of licensees you now own.

Q:Will ScriptLogic inform me if my usage is getting close to, or has exceeded, the quantity of licenses I purchased?
A:Yes, the ScriptLogic Manager will automatically count and report the number of unique client computers using ScriptLogic when you utilize the log file viewer.

Q:What if I unknowingly exceed my license count?
A:ScriptLogic has a built-in thirty day 'grace period' and will inform you when you have exceeded your license count. During the grace period, ScriptLogic will not lock out unlicensed computers -- after all ScriptLogic was designed by network administrators for network administrators, and we know how critical ScriptLogic can be to your daily logon process.

Q:What are the differences between the Enterprise and Small Business Editions of ScriptLogic v5?

A:The difference between the ScriptLogic editions is support for multiple configuration profiles. ONLY the Enterprise Edition allows more than two active configuration profiles. The Small Business Edition will only operate on Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server (version 4.5 or 2000 or 2003).

Q:What is a configuration profile?
A:A profile is a collection of configuration entries that define a group of client settings. Each profile has its own client configuration settings, custom scripts, log file definitions, alerts and its own Validation Logic. The ability to have multiple configuration profiles is designed for mid to large size corporations, whether they are centralized or geographically diverse. Using profiles facilitates greater manageability and control over client configurations. Profiles also tend to speed up the overall logon process since they break down a large number of configuration settings into smaller, more manageable groups.

Q:What is the difference between Conventional and Open licensing?
A:Conventional licenses are available in pre-defined packs of 10, 25, 50 and 100 CALs. Multiple conventional license packs can be purchased to achieve the desired total. Open licensing begins at 250 seats and offers the benefit of purchasing the exact amount of CALs you need. While the Professional Edition is only available in conventional license packs, the Enterprise Edition can be purchased in both conventional license packs (up to 249 seats) and Open licensing (250+ seats).

Q:What happened to the Domain License (including 5 CALs) that was required with ScriptLogic 3.0?
A:Domain licenses are still available with ScriptLogic v4, however, you do not need to purchase the initial domain license. Since most organizations only have a single domain, or are migrating to a single Active Directory, this change was made to simplify the sales process. If your deployment covers multiple domains, contact ScriptLogic sales for a special quote on additional domain licenses.

Q:Do you offer any types of discounts?
A:Outside of occasional promotions, special pricing may be available through one of our Premier or Authorized Partners. Not only do they provide efficient and effective support on a local level, but they may offer discounts from the published price.

Q:What is the Software Advantage agreement and am I required to purchase it?
A:The Software Advantage is not mandatory, however it is highly recommended. The Software Advantage is an agreement that includes free software updates and priority technical support direct from ScriptLogic Corporation during the term of the agreement. You have the option of purchasing a one, two or three year term agreement at the time you purchase ScriptLogic.

Q:How will I be notified when my Software Advantage term expires?
A:The ScriptLogic Manager will notify you 45 days before the expiration of your agreement. You may also, at any time, view the expiration date of the agreement using the Help About option within the ScriptLogic Manager application. Additionally, we (or the reseller that you purchased from) will notify you via e-mail/fax/telephone prior to the expiration date of your Software Advantage agreement.

Product Comparisons

Q:Our company has already made a substantial investment in Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) product. What can ScriptLogic do that SMS can't do?
A:Even though ScriptLogic and SMS do offer some of the same functionality, they complement one another by offering features that the other product doesn't.

Q: Will ScriptLogic still benefit me if my network is pure Windows 2000 and using Active Directory with Group Polices?
A:It's not a question of which approach is better, but rather how you should combine the products together to achieve the most manageable network you could hope to have.

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