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New Features in ScriptLogic version 5.6 released 17/08/04

Top 7 Reasons to upgrade to version 5.6 of ScriptLogic today

  • 1. Fully compatible with SP2. ScriptLogic, working closely with Microsoft, has created a fully compatible product; tested and ready for download today.

  • 2. Deploy SP2 in a fast, controlled and efficient manner. Using our exclusive Validation Logic technology, you can control the installation of SP2 to XP machines and eliminate trips to 100´s of workstations.

  • 3. Open specific ports in the firewall which by default are closed by SP2. Use 5.6 with custom scripts to allow for critical processes such as anti-virus software updates and remote control access of end-user machines for troubleshooting. Otherwise you may install SP2 one night and then realize the next day critical applications no longer function.

  • 4. Schedule the SP2 installation at logoff or shutdown. With our unique Validation Logic technology, you can deploy SP2 at logoff or shutdown so your end-users continue to be productive and experience zero downtime.

  • 5. Applications need updates to maintain full compatibility. Due to security improvements made by Microsoft, all customers using ScriptLogic Enterprise or Desktop Authority should upgrade. Whether you´re planning on using our solutions to deploy SP2 or not, we recommend you upgrade first.

  • 6. Complimentary upgrade with your current maintenance agreement. If your maintenance agreement has expired, contact the Subscription Renewal Team today at +45 7020 5999

  • 7. Stay on top of the latest SP2 and v5.6 updates at ScriptLogic´sXP SP2 Resource Center Our helpful site provides more details on SP2 and fully describes our compatibility with this new OS release.

New Features in Scriptlogic version 5.5 released 16/07/04

The Inactivity tab provides the ability to automatically take an action (logoff, shutdown, restart and lock) on a client workstation after a specified period of inactivity. This provides the administrator with more flexibility in managing workstations to provide timely updates and security fixes and to ensure a stable working computer.
Note: Only one Inactivity configuration can be set per machine. The last Inactivity element a user/computer validates for is the one that is going to be set.

Mail Profiles Creation
ScriptLogic now supports the ability to bypass the creation of a mail profile if one already exists for the user. This is useful in an existing environment where profile names are not standardized and you do not wish to overwrite profiles.

Validation Logic
Validation logic has been enhanced to support Active Directory (AD) Computer Groups and the ability to define your own validation logic expression by creating Custom Functions and/or Variables. These new options can be useful when the predefined set of validation logic types do not meet the specific needs and complexity of your network.

Drive Mappings
ScriptLogic has added the ability to automatically map a drive using the next available drive letter on the local machine by selecting an asterisk (*) from the drive letter drop down box.

The ability to set environment variables for either the system or user has been added to the Environment tab.

Program Shortcuts
The ability to easily create desktop and program group shortcuts for ScriptLogic has been added to the menu pad in the Manager.

More enhancements
Server Manager incorporates a new back-end architecture that verifies the signature of configuration files during the logon process. This dramatically increases Server Manager´s overall usability and eliminates the need to grant or deny service requests for each server.
An updated setup program supports the option to install ScriptLogic to a remote machine in addition to the local machine. Typical Installation and Express Upgrade options have been added to allow for a more flexible setup process.

The ability to send Alerts via email to one or more specified addresses has been added to the Profile Options > Alerts tab. The SMTP server can also be specified on this tab.

The Display and Outlook tabs have been redesigned to use a list format. This provides the ability to have more than one configuration setting with separate validation logic.

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