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ScriptLogic Custom Scripts

These scripts in our Custom Script Library are ready-to-use scripts that have been contributed by our customers, Authorized Partners and ScriptLogic Corporation's technical support team. They are primarily designed to take advantage of ScriptLogic's enhanced functionality (such as being able to write to secure sections of the registry on NT/2000/XP clients), however, many of them can be adapted for use with KiXtart alone.

Custom Script Library:

C1057 Deploy the Microsoft Security Update KB828028 (MS04-007)

C1056 Deploy the Microsoft Update Rollup 1 for Windows XP (KB826939)

C1055 Deploy the Microsoft Security Update KB824141 (MS03-045)

C1054 Deploy the Microsoft Security Update KB825119 (MS03-044)

C1053 Deploy the Microsoft Security Update KB828035 (MS03-043)

C1052 Deploy the Microsoft Security Update KB826232 (MS03-042)

C1051 Deploy the Microsoft Security Update KB823182 (MS03-041)

C1050 Deploy the latest Microsoft February 2004, Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer Q832894 (MS04-004)

C1049 Deploy the Microsoft Security Update KB824146 (MS03-039)

C1048 Remove network printers from user profile

C1047 Control the look and feel of Windows XP (make it look just like Win2000)

C1046 Deploy the Directory Service Client to Windows NT4 and Windows 9x

C1045 Deploy the Windows 2000 post-SP2 Security HotFix Rollup 1 (Q311401)

C1044 Deploy Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0

C1043 Deploy Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.01

C1042 Deploy Microsoft Terminal Services Client

C1041 Verifies that your clients are running Norton Anti-Virus CE software. If not, it can log them off immediately!

C1040 For new installations: This script will collect & log any persistent drive mappings each user has to a CSV log file.

C1039 Automatically log off the user, if specific servers, shares, paths and/or files are not accessible at the time of logon.

C1038 Dynamically configure IBM Client Access 5250 emulation settings (AS/400) in the registry and the .ws file.

C1037 Dynamically update the preset values contained in the [Sight] section of the SMS.ini file (Client Help Desk Options for Remote Control).

C1036 Dynamically change the Exchange Server Name in your client's existing mail profiles.

C1035 Dynamically change the Network Logon Security setting in your client's existing mail profiles.

C1034 Reset Folder Redirection and NT Common Folder Redirection settings to OS defaults.

C1033 Registry Value Data (String) Find & Replace.

C1032 Deploy the Citrix 32-bit client (Program Neighborhood)

C1030 "Anti-Virus" With all the poly-morphing VBS virus strains these days, one of them is sure to make it through your anti-virus scanner. This custom script can be your last-line-of-defense by disassociating common extensions from Windows Script Host.

C1029 Regardless of the user logging on, you wish to bypass the execution of ScriptLogic on all NT/2000 Servers (Domain Controllers and Member Servers).

C1027 Configure the current user's ODBC data sources for use with your Oracle client/server.

C1026 Script those Year 2000 updates to your Windows 95/98 clients and log what was done!

C1025 Deploy Windows Script Host 5.1.

C1024 Update your client's TPC/IP hosts file from a central location.

C1023 Plug in your licensed WinZip registration code.

C1022 Install /n Software's Email Templates 2.0.

C1021 Force a specific screen saver & settings for your NT/2000 computers.

C1020 Automatically adjust the Microsoft Office User Information to the user that logs on.

C1017 Deploy a new TrueType font quickly.

C1016 Change your static TCP/IP clients to DHCP.

C1015 Infected by the Happy99 virus?

C1013 Launch the Compaq Insight Manager Desktop Manageability Agent data collector.

C1012 Add a scroll buffer and blue background to NT's default Command Prompt window.

C1007 Adjust your client's file handles and environment space.

C1006 Defining different MS Office, Internet & Outlook settings for notebook systems versus desktop systems.
C1004 Change the TCP/IP DNS Host Name to match the User's Logon Name.

C1003 Install/Upgrade the RightFAX 6.0 client.

C1002 Launch the Microsoft SMS data collector batch.

All Scripts can be downloaded from ScriptLogic Custom Script Library

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