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  • Scripts without need for programing
  • Used by more than 3.000.000 Users
  • Industry awarded
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ScriptLogic Patented Technology: Validation Logic

There are several different validation logic Types that can be selected from the validation logic dialog box.

Check the Features in the Screenshot Section !

Each Validation Type supports multiple Values. The Value is compared against at logon time. When using multiple values, they must be separated by a semicolon (;). Validation Types also support the asterisk (*) and question mark (?) wildcards. This provides the ability to configure a setting for multiple instances of the selected Type. Use an asterisk to indicate a string of characters of any length may appear in that place. Use a question mark (?) to indicate single character may appear in place of the question mark. One or more instances of each wildcard may be used in the comparison value



OU Computer

OU (User)

Group Membership

Primary Group

User Name

TCP/IP Address

Host Address

Computer Name

MAC Address

TS Application Name

TS Initial Program

TS Client Name

TS Session Name

TS Cleint TCP/IP Address

Custom Variable

Custom Function

ScriptLogic Patented Technology: Validation Logic

ScriptLogic Technical Highlights

  • Scaleable from 10 to litterally thousands of users.

  • Downloaded, Installed and configured within 15 minutes

  • No MCSE Required

  • No SQL Server needed

  • Replicates automaticcally to domaincontrollers for easy rool out.

ScriptLogic Setup FAQ

Setup Questions

Q:Where/how is Desktop Authority installed?
A:It is recommended that Desktop Authority be installed to a Domain Controller (though this is not a requirement). This can be any domain controller of your production network or isolation lab. Remember that even after you install Desktop Authority, it is not assigned to any users. This allows you to test it to 1) coexist with your current logon scripting solution, and 2) deploy it to as many or as few users as you like during the evaluation process.

Q:Is a reboot required as part of the installation process?
A:No systems, including the server that you performed the installation on, need to be rebooted as a result of the Desktop Authority installation.

Q:I would prefer not to install Desktop Authority to our production domain, and do not have an isolation lab. Is there anything else I can do so that I can effectively evaluate Desktop Authority?
A:Yes, you can install Desktop Authority to any NT/2000/XP workstation to evaluate the Management Console. Simply create a folder on your computer's hard drive and share it as "NETLOGON". This will allow the Setup wizard to continue. After reviewing the Manager, we encourage you to install to your production domain. Desktop Authority can exist on your domain without being assigned to all your users -- assign it to as many or as few users that you require to complete your evaluation.

Q:I administer an NT 4.0 resource domain, and am unable to install Desktop Authority on the master domain's PDC. Is there a way Desktop Authority can be installed to my resource domain only?
A:Yes, there are a number of methods for implementing Desktop Authority in a situation where an administrator does not have the full authority to assign the logon script to a given group of users. If this is your situation, we encourage you to contact our support department to discuss the method that is best suited for your requirements.

Q:Does Desktop Authority (or any component) need to be manually installed on each client?
A:Absolutely not! That would be hypocritical of a software product that is promoted by eliminating trips to each desktop. Simply install Desktop Authority, assign it to one or more users, and log on from a client. The Domain authentication process will ensure that Desktop Authority is executed from the authenticating DC's NETLOGON share. When Desktop Authority is executed on a client for the first time, it will automatically push ~2Mb of application files out to the client so that even less bandwidth is used by subsequent logons.

ScriptLogic is !

The combination of logon scripting + group policies + user profiles + desktop management:
From drive mappings, inventory logging, MS Office settings and printer deployment to service pack rollouts and automatic Outlook mail profile creation, ScriptLogic will configure everything your clients require -- without visiting each one of them. Best of all, ScriptLogic offers these features across all Win32 platforms, including Windows XP, 2000, NT, Me, 98 and 95.

A completely graphical solution:
From centralized administration to execution on each client, ScriptLogic provides a clean, polished environment. Free yourself from Notepad, text editors, batch files and DOS windows!

An intuitive "point & click" management console:
NO MORE CODING in KiXtart, VBScript, batch files or other complex scripting languages. With ScriptLogic, you do not need to learn a new language, nor will you have to develop, maintain or debug a single line of scripting code. 

Not a "code generator" nor a "graphical wrapper" for KiXtart:
Rather, ScriptLogic is a turnkey product that utilizes the KiXtart language. Since the ScriptLogic engine is compiled and the ScriptLogic Manager does not generate raw code, it cannot accidentally generate syntax errors -- the type of problem that could easily shut down your enterprise one morning.

Able to overcome the NT/2000/XP security limitations of the user logging on:
Whether you've already mastered a scripting language or you're attempting to learn one, you may already know that security can be the toughest obstacle to overcome. ScriptLogic can make registry changes, synchronize time, roll out service packs, deploy software packages and more -- without granting your users Administrative rights on each desktop!

A fully supported commercial product:
Available and supported by AMT Software -- you no longer need to rely on self-help online support forums for scripting languages. If you have a question -- from installation to configuration -- just visit our website or pick up the phone.

The worlds best selling graphical enterprise logon script:
With a low price averaging USD $12 per seat, ScriptLogic's cost is a direct correlation to the number of desktops it benefits on a daily basis. It's no wonder why ScriptLogic is embraced by well-known organizations throughout the world and has already sold close to 2,000,000 licenses in just three years time.

ScriptLogic Detailed Tech Features

  • OS independence

  • Full support of all features on Windows 2000/NT (including Server, Terminal Server and Workstation), Windows ME, 98 and 95 clients.

  • Organized drive mapping, including the ability to "root map" a user home directories on XP, 2000, NT and Windows Me/95/Me clients.

  • Auto add and remove printers on XP/2000/NT clients as well as configure group based LPT redirection for legacy DOS applications on all operating systems.

  • Automatic creation of Outlook/Exchange mail (MAPI) profiles, including the ability to enable/disable Outlook Today, Folder View, Outlook Bar, spelling check, AutoArchive and empty wastebasket by day of week.

  • Automated deployment of service packs to your Windows XP/2000/NT Workstations.

  • Time synchronization of client´s clock with a server?s clock or Domain Time Source.

  • Ability to configure "folder redirection" so that user's desktop cookies, IE bookmarks, recent documents, and other shell folders, can be stored in each user's home directory on the network. This gives each user the ability to logon to any computer and instantly get all their information all this WITHOUT USING MICROSOFT'S ROAMING PROFILES!

  • Dynamic logging of all client logon activity. User selectable fields include: date, time, OS type, OS version, current service pack, MAC & TCP/IP address, authenticating server, user ID, Physical RAM, free disk space, BIOS date, CPU speed, SID, etc.

  • Complete control over Internet Explorer's settings, including whether to use a proxy server, start page, custom search page, default download directory, and over 60 security policies to prevent your users from making changes to various IE configuration screens.

  • Ability to launch programs on each client after the logon process completes based on specific schedules, once a day or every logon.

  • Customizable popup message boxes and logon banners allow you to notify users prior to them looking in their Email box.

  • Built in "push" technology automatically distributes ScriptLogic program files to local client drives for faster LAN and dialup logons.

  • Complete control over each client's registry. Add and delete keys, modify any value (even on XP/2000/NT computers where the user logging on does not have the necessary permissions to make the changes).

  • Ability to set the default open/save paths, clipart, auto recover, and template folders for Microsoft Office 95, 97, 2000 and XP.

  • Even though ScriptLogic's goal is to provide end to end control over your clients without the need to learn complex languages or write scripting code, we still provide the ability to add your own functionality through custom scripting.

  • Create (or remove) the Windows Shortcuts each user/groups needs in any folder (Desktop, Start Menu, QuickLaunch Bar, etc.).

  • Maintenance, including a monthly purging of TEMP files on client computer's hard drive (prompted, forced, or never) and automatic notification if the client's available disk space drop below a definable threshold.

  • Control over various User Interface elements, including the removal of that pesky Windows Welcome Splash, Internet Connection Wizard, Internet Explorer's Take a Tour and IntelliMouse's productivity tips each time a new user logs on at any computer. Even add a "Command Prompt Here" to the right mouse click menu for administrators if desired.

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