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What is Secure Copy and why do I need it?
When using native Windows NT/2000 copying methods such as NT Explorer, the "copy" command or "xcopy" command, file permissions do not get copied along with the data. Secure Copy allows an administrator to copy files and directories on NTFS partitions while keeping the security intact, recreating shares, and migrating local groups. All of this functionality is available in an easy to use GUI and command line interface, which keeps you updated on copy progress, as well as any errors that may occur.

Won"t I get "Account Unknown" when I view security for local groups and users?
Secure Copy will migrate local groups while copying files. A local group is local to the machine it was created on. If a local group has permissions on a file in your source server, Secure Copy will create the local group on the destination server and modify the access control lists on the destination files and folders to reflect the newly created local group. If you were to use the "scopy.exe" program in the NT resource kit, every local group would appear as "Account Unknown" in the destination file"s permissions list. If the local group name already exists on the destination server, you can be prompted for a new name or select a prefix or postfix naming convention.

Does Secure Copy allow me to save a job to be scheduled at a later date?
People often have the need to copy the same folders from one place to another many times or to run a job at a more convenient time. To facilitate this, we"ve added the ability to save any job. These jobs are saved in a user extensible XML file. This eliminates the need for writing batch files that use the command-line interface to perform a routine copy.

Does Secure Copy allow me to schedule large jobs to run at a more convenient time?
Secure Copy allows you to define a job, which is to set a source path, a target path, and copy options so that you can use the job in the future, either on-demand or scheduled.

Can I schedule a job to run more than once?
Once you have saved a job, you can then schedule that job to run at specified intervals. This features gives you the ability to schedule backups of critical files, replicate data to member servers at a specified time, or perform any number of other useful tasks that require getting data securely from one place to another without requiring user intervention.

What if I only want to save the files that have changed? Will Secure Copy allow me to just rewrite the files that have changed?
If you regularly copy files from one place to another, you will quickly realize that a lot of files are being copied unnecessarily because they haven"t changed since the last time you copied them. If this is the case, you can tell Secure Copy to skip the file by selected a "Copy only changed source files..." option. In addition to checking for changes in file content, Secure Copy also checks to see if any permissions have been changed on the file as well.

Does Secure Copy allow me to rewrite the destination to be just like the source?
Copying files from one place to another is often thought of as a one-way process. Secure Copy hanges that by allowing you to synchronize the source and target destinations. This is great if you want to keep servers in-sync with each other by replicating files between multiple locations. This ability also removes unnecessary files that have built up over time and are no longer needed or do not exist, such as Temporary Internet Files.

Can I use a command line interface?
Secure Copy is now fully functional directly from the command line. It has a full GUI and command line interface. If you are just moving a couple of shares, it might be easier to open the GUI and fill in a simple form. However, if you are migrating several servers in your domain to new servers, you might want to create a batch file to do these off-hours.

What about file shares? Ive got 100 file shares on one drive; can Secure Copy help me create the shares on the destination server?
Yes. In fact, Secure Copy has the option to migrate file shares to the destinations server while copying the files. As Secure Copy is moving through folders in your directory hierarchy, it will check each directory to see if it is shared on the source server. If so, it will create the same share with the same permissions on the destination server.

I have tried other security copying tools. They just don"t work. When I use them all my Local Groups get the error "Account Unknown"? Will Secure Copy solve this problem?
Yes. Secure Copy was designed with this in mind. The problem with other third party software is that they do not create new SIDs (security identifiers) for Local Groups. Secure Copy does, and it solves this type of problem.

What operating systems will Secure Copy work with?
Secure Copy will install and function properly with Windows NT/2000/XP and can copy data to certain Network Attached Storage devices. Secure Copy will not install or work correctly with Windows 9x/ME, OS/2, UNIX or Novell Netware.

Does Secure Copy work with FAT or NFS?
Secure Copy only works on NTFS volumes and certain CIFS volumes. Please check with our Support Team for further information.

How are saved jobs scheduled and run in Secure Copy?
Secure Copy uses the Windows Task Scheduler service. This is included with Internet Explorer 5 or later with the Offline Browsing Pack installed. Windows 2000 and later have this built in. Windows NT 4.0 will need to be upgraded work correctly.

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