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  • Copy data between servers with Security Intact
  • Replacement for Robocopy
  • SecureCopy is perfect for Migrations
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SecureCopy Key Features

Migrate local groups to Active Directory, an NT 4.0 domain or a target server while copying.
Secure Copy is one of the only tools available that will migrate local groups while copying files and their permissions. (A local group is local to the machine it was created on.) If a local group has permissions on a file in your source server, Secure Copy will create the local group on the destination server, an Active Directory domain, or Windows NT 4.0 domain and modify the permissions list on the destination file to reflect the newly created local group. If you were to use the "scopy.exe" or "robocopy.exe" programs from the NT resource kit, every local group would appear as "Account Unknown" in the destination file"s permissions list. If the local group name already exists on the destination server, you can be prompted for a new name or select a prefix or suffix naming convention.

Multiple Copy Destinations
Copy files from one source server to multiple destinations - all in the same job. Replicate your data to multiple machines around the network with this new feature. Great for websites and project data.

Enhanced Job Scheduling
Once you have saved a job, you can then schedule that job to run at specified intervals. This feature now requires the Task Scheduler to be installed. It"s installed with Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater (IE5.0) You no longer have to be logged on in order for your scheduled jobs to run.

Include / Exclude
Include and exclude specified file types or entire folders from your copy job. You may wish to exclude "TMP" files, or only copy "DOC" or "XLS" files or exclude folders named "Temporary Internet Files".

Retain security while you copy
If you use Windows NT Explorer or the copy and xcopy commands to copy files, the file permissions are not copied with the file. However, with Secure Copy, you can move the files along with their permissions.

Create shares while copying
Migrate existing shares on the source server to the destination server. As Secure Copy copies each folder, it first checks to see if that folder is shared. If so, Secure Copy will create the share on the destination server and copy the permissions to the share. This outstanding feature alone makes Secure Copy worth the investment.

Full Command Line Support
Secure Copy is fully functional directly from the command line.

SecureCopy Key Benefits

Simplify and complete server consolidation

  • Reduce migration time by incrementally synchronizing the data between servers. Only migrate data that has changed on the source server since your last migration.

No agents required.
  • Migrate files, folders, shares and local groups while keeping their security intact.

Unrivaled migration speed.
  • Manage at what time and how migrations occur.

  • Unlike competitor"s tools, no error-prone scripts needed.

  • Schedule unattended operations to run after hours during reduced network traffic.

  • Run migrations in the background.

Reduce the total cost of your server consolidation project
  • Achieve the ROI benefit from your NAS/SAN storage solutions faster than you planned.

  • Incremental synchronization reduces your total migration time; therefore, reduces total cost.

  • Automated data migration lessens the amount of time and resources needed.

  • Provides improved data management which reduces your storage costs.

  • Reduce the amount of file servers in your network, reducing your overall costs.

Prevent impact on your network with Zero system downtime and Zero Impact on Users
  • The ideal migration - no effect on helpdesk or end users.

  • Migrate from production source servers without affecting your network"s accessibility.

  • Maintain the source storage location as writeable during migration.

  • Installation not required on each managed server.

Realize ROI benefits sooner from NAS/SAN storage solutions
  • Decrease operating costs by diminishing the quantity of file and print servers in your network.

  • Reduce data storage costs through better data management.

  • Significantly simplifies server consolidation, replacement and upgrades.

Protect your system"s security
  • Reduce risk by maintaining file and share permissions appropriately.

  • Preserves data accurately.

  • Used throughout the world for reliable migration of gigabytes and terabytes of data.

Upgrade your server environment
  • Compatible with Microsoft"s Cluster Server. Provides easy Migration of Microsoft Cluster.

  • Makes it easy to upgrade servers in order to complete Windows 2000/XP migration or lease expirations.

SecureCopy vs. XXCopy

Simplify and complete server consolidation
SecureCopy is XXCopy with a Full GUI Interface and features not found in XXCopy. Check out the Tech. features and the Screenshots area, to the the difference between a paying tool and a free tool.

Technical Highlights

  • Intuitive GUI and Fully functional Commandline interface
  • No agents required.

  • Migrate files, folders, shares and local groups while keeping security intact.

  • Unrivaled migration speed.

  • Achieve fast ROI benefit from your NAS/SAN storage solutions

  • Maintain the source storage location as writeable during migration

  • Compatible with Microsoft"s Cluster Server.

  • Unlike Robocopy SecureCopy moves files with Long Filenames

SecureCopy Overview Presentation (PPS) This PowerPoint Slide Show covers the basics of Secure Copy functionality and provides a product overview.

Microsoft Endorses SecureCopy for Server 2003 Migrations

More technical information about SecureCopy

Feel free to visit our Tech Site, with more technical information.

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